Price on application

Isn’t it annoying when you see a house you like but it’s not got a price listed. POA is one of the most annoying abreviations available on proeprty websites.
So how can you work out what price range it’s in?
Sometimes they don’t have the price on rightmove showing but you might see it using property bee.
Sometimes it might be shown on the agent’s own website but not on rightmove.
Sometimes you have to play detective and use the tools available to you to narrow it down.

Find the location – the postcode makes it easier. Search out, ever expanding the area until you find a property above it and below it. You will probably need to start restricting prices to narrow down the number of results though. It’ll take some tweaking until you discover the property POA between two prices that give you a good idea of price.

You could always contact the estate agent and ask – but like items in expensive shops, if you have to ask the price it might be too dear for you.

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