PrimeLocation Review

prime location property websiteUsing Prime Location to search for properties isn’t as much fun as using other sites.

The main page is crowded but with UK buy option at the top left it’s easy to see where to start your search. On the main page there are links to articles and information about property for sale, as well as sale prices.

The search screen gives you the option to type in a location by town, postcode or country. You can set the price ranges, property types and minimum number of bedrooms. Plus there’s a keyword section.
The search location bar will autofill or make suggestions when you start typing. This can be very helpful.

The keyword section can be used to include a word you want on the property description or avoid properties with a certain word in. So if you want a mews house, type mews in, and if you hate mews houses then type –mews.

prime location detailsThe area radius is set at various levels from ¼, mile, up to 30 miles.
You can browse by map too.

The keyword function also allows you to add additional keywords, just separate them by a comma. So you could type “pool, tennis, garage”, If you wanted to search for a house with a pool, tennis court and garage.

You can opt to exclude the under offer properties and sort by price high to low (that’s the default) or low to high, as well as newest to oldest, and oldest to newest. That’s a useful way of seeing what’s come on to the market recently.

search using prime locationThey show the properties on a map on the results page. This is useful to see where the properties are more clearly.

The property details are easy to get to. Just click on the short details. You’ll see all the photos in thumbnails and can just run the mouse over to see them all full size.

You see contact details for estate agent and can make contact via email, request information or a viewing. You can also add personal notes.

There are also the written details available on that page too. Being able to request a viewing via the form is easy!
Not all the same estate agents use Prime Location as other major property websites so it’s worth having a check on this one too. There’s also the options to have emails sent when there are new properties that match your criteria.

Overall the site seems more cluttered that rightmove, but works about the same – allowing you to find property in the area you’re interested in. is worth adding to your property website search list.

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