Search by county, town or district

Oldham on rightmoveDid you know you can search by county, town or village on Rightmove? It’s a nice feature and although it brings up thousands of properties unless you add in additional filtering options, it also shows the area on the map view. This is great for showing you where a town stretches to, where you own area reaches as far as and for finding out about neighbouring areas and where the borders are.
Sometimes – as in the Oldham map it excluses areas like Shaw and Royton as these are technically towns in their own right (Something some people spend hours at meetings arguing about too…). Chadderton mapIt does seem to work well for smaller areas as the example of Chadderton shows. It also makes it worth looking at overhead satelite views to see what the cut out areas are. You might discover some whole new areas to start looking for a new home in too!
It’s interesting to try this for your areas. If you have too many properties showing up the limit on bedroom numbers and price until you only have a few properties left. It’s certainly different from using a postcode search anyway!
Type in the area name and leave the Radius as This area only.

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