Property programs on TV

If you’re not yet sick of the daily diet of house programs on TV, then always watch for the dates when they’re actually recorded. Some being shown are from 2007 and this was at the height of the housing bubble.

It does make me worry watching Kirsty and Phil “negotiate” a £440k deal on a property on at £450k for two years though. Is that really negotiating? In the end the couple didn’t buy the property even when their offer was accepted. I’d love to have the time of doing a review of all of the programs to show how many houses they bought, what % they negotiated off and how many times the people on the show went off and bought another house.
I’d also like to do a tally on how many of the couples end up having a baby during the course of the show! Perhaps they used to watch Sarah Beeney’s Property Ladder program (Possible the least repeated program of them all) as she always seemed to be mid-pregnancy during the filming of the shows.

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