Sold houses reappearing on searches

I’ve noticed a couple of properties that went SSTC have reappeared. This presumably means someone has changed their mind, perhaps after a survey, or is having trouble getting a mortgage.

Some sellers refuse to negotiate even if a survey throws up serious expensive problems. Buyers should do the right thing and make their own mind up about whether they want to overpay for a property that needs work. My advice would be to get quotes for any work needing doing and then decide if you want the hassle of getting the work done, and paying for it, whilst paying the seller’s asking price. Most of the time I’d say walk away!
Stubborn sellers aren’t actually going to sell.

There was one great thing about the HIP pack introduced and then cancelled … it financially committed people to actually selling. Now there’s very little problem with people putting houses on the market and taking them off when they realise they won’t get the high asking price they want.
If you’re selling a house and they have a survey done which reveals lots of work needs doing, and you don’t want to lower your price, you have to realise you’re probably going to lose that sale. And the work that needs doing will still need doing, and be picked up by any other surveyor who comes to your property.

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