Bungalows are expensive

There are 23 bungalows for sale within a 1 mile radius of where I live! Prices are £235k for a 2 bedroom one and the cheapest is £110,000.
This to me seems massively expensive.
Why are they so expensive? It might be because there aren’t huge numbers of them, they are in demand for a certain age group and perhaps demand outstrips supply. Data to back that up though isn’t there – one has been for sale since 19 November 2009 – a long time! So perhaps there’s demand but people are reluctant to actually pay these astromonical prices for them.

The first bungalows were built on the North coast of Kent at Westgate On Sea and Birchington – the name bungalow comes from a Hindi word bangala which means from Bengal as the properties first built had similar roof lines to the buildings in Bengal.

Many bungalows were built on decent size plots making them valuable if you can get permission to squeeze another house on the site, or demolish the existing home and throw some flats up.
The all on one floor living space can be a bit wierd – but it’s great if you have trouble with stairs. A suprising number of bungalows get extended into the roof space and get turned into dormer bungalows. A bungoalow extended with velus (in line roof windows) is usually known as a chalet style bungalow.

Rightmove allows you to view only bungalows in their search results!

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