LHA by postcode

How much help with your housing costs can you get? It used to be called housing benefit but now it’s called local housing allowance.
You can work it out here – you need to know the number of bedrooms you’re entitled to, and where the property is.
LHA by postcode

Remember if a property says DSS welcome – they mean LHA – and you shouldn’t be paying more than the LHA levels either! Remember a negotiated rent reduction might mean it’s easier for you when you start work!

LHA bedroom calculator

How many people live in your household? Total
How many couples are in your household?
How many single people aged 16 or over live in the household (don’t include
anyone in a couple)?
How many children aged between 10 and 15 (inclusive) live in your household?
How many children aged under 10 live in your household?

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