Noise from neighbours in semi or terraces?

One reason why you should visit the property you’re looking at buying several times, at different times of the day is to ensure you pick up on any potential for noise from the neighbours. Visit during the day whilst everyone is at work and you’ll not hear the kids next door running up and down stairs, slamming doors and screaming.

Viewing doesn’t always have to mean inside. There’s nothing wrong with walking past a couple of times in the evening. Although if the house is in a quiet cul-de-sac you will be noticed.

If you only view once then you’re risking missing picking up on something. View several times. Knock on at the neighbours – sometimes one or two doors away can bring out revealing news.

Ask what the neighbours are like.
Ask your solicitor to ask about noise nuisance.
If noise from neighbours is an issue then you could ask the surveyor about how much sound insulation there is between you and then and ask for advice on improving it.

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