New housing show from Channel 4

Architect George Clarke leads Empty Homes Campaign

Does your area need better housing conditions? Want to do something about it?

Channel 4’s George Clarke is presenting a new TV series which will campaign on housing issues across the UK. The campaign offers you the chance to share your housing problems and join the search for solutions.

Across the country high rental costs, long waiting lists for council houses and difficulty getting mortgages are forcing many people to live in cramped conditions, stay with friends or family, and give up the dream of owning their own home.

It’s been described as a national housing crisis – ordinary families are being priced out of the market and there are 5 million people on the house waiting list. Yet, a million homes in this country lie empty. George’s campaign aims to combat the housing crisis, and one of the key questions we’re asking is: Could empty homes be put to better use?

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling your housing situation, or want to find out more about the campaign, contact the Homes team:
Call the Homes team on: 0207 544 1663

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