Withnell Fold Hall

Withnell Fold HallWithnell Fold Hall is in Lancashire.

The staircase is stunning (Picture 8) and very grand giving you an idea of what it’d be like to be coming downstairs every morning for breakfast if you lived here!
They want about £5 million for it but it is actually POA.

Withnell Fold is a village built by the enlightened owner of a paper mill for his work people.

The first Hall was destroyed because of dry rot and the present Withnell Fold Hall was built for the Parke family in 1899.The family remained there until 1951 when it was sold to the Lancashire County Council. It was designed by the renowned architects Bradshaw and Gass from Bolton. The house is a rare and classic example of one built in the Arts and Crafts era, and the stylistic imitation of the 19th Century is seen throughout.

7 reception rooms
10 bedrooms
8 bathrooms
Kitchen gardens & greenhouses
Extensive store rooms

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