Who to believe?

Just reading about someone who’s had a survey done on a house with a ‘loft conversion’ that’s come back as not meeting any regulations.
This was already very obvious by the house description as the loft area was described as useful storage.
The potential buyer is wondering whether to believe the surveyor who has spoken to a structural surveyor about the possibility of making the loft conversion official and has suggested that it’s not only going to be expensive but also wasn’t feasibly on a practical level.
The estate agent however thinks it is.

So who should a buyer believe?

You have to remember who the estate agent works for – they work for the person selling the house. They only make money if someone buys it.

The surveor on the other hand has been paid to give an opinion. By all means get a second opinion but get it from someone qualified and independent.

An estate agent isn’t the person a buyer should take advice from!

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