Wallpapering is more effort than painting but on most walls it’ll look better.

Ms Millard’s article here really makes me laugh. I’m sure she should go and perform at the Fringe next year

“How cheaply can you wallpaper a room? Marks & Spencer, Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley sell wallpaper hovering around the £20 per roll mark. Homebase has a sale at the moment with a wide range of wallpapers at about £13 per roll. ”

Well she’s clearly wrong on price here! You can buy woodchip for next to nothing and do a whole room for a few quid. Of course it’s woodchip which means it can be painting year after year, it’s hard wearing and survives the odd attack by felt tip pens, kids or pets. And did I mention you can paint over it year after year? If you’re in a rented flat then you’ve probably got woodchip on the walls.

Slightly dearer is blown vinyl available in a huge range of designs. All of which can be painted over too. £3-4 a roll for that. Whilst it’s not the most beautiful stuff in the world, it’ll not go out of date as quickly as some mad flowery designs and it’s cheap!

You can find sale ends at most wallpaper shops and if you’re only after doing a feature wall then you’ll find that a more affordable way of wallpapering!

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