Abbey Dore Court on Country House Rescue

You might have seen Country house rescue last night – it was a revisit to Abbey Dore Court.
Charis Ward bought Abbey Dore Court in 1967 for £12,000. In 2000, Charis decided to leave Abbey Dore to live in a more manageable property and the house fell into disrepair. Charis’ s 26-year-old granddaughter Clare is determined to bring her formerly happy home back to life.

Clare asked Ruth Watson to help, but Ruth’s idea for a B&B was rejected by the family in favour of turning the house into a self-catering holiday business. Ruth cautioned them against the decision, but Charis was determined.

Find out more about Abbey Dore Court on Country House Rescue Channel 4s site

Interesting that they didn’t want to run a B&B even though it would make more money – though I think she said she might in the future.

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