Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It

I’ve watched a few of these episodes and they’re nice easy viewing.  Can you believe it that they’re on series 4 of this show?

It sounds like it’s almost a game show but it’s not. Channel four describe it as: Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp go head to head as they battle it out to convince homeowners to either sell their home or refurbish it

It does give Kirstie a chance to give people a sledge hammer. I do like the way that houses are remodeled to give people a better idea of how to use their space and what knocking down a few walls and moving doors can do. When you live in a house you might have it so fixed in your mind that you can’t see – sometimes quite radical – solutions to how to use the space better.

As more people have children staying at home for longer, it’ll be more important to create spaces within homes for people to enjoy living space without getting on top of each other.  The episode I watched recently – series 4 episode 10 – Royal Wooton Bassett revisit – deals with this problem and they transform a four doored lounge into a much more usable space.  The couple end up moving to Wales though in the revisit bit of the program!


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