Monmouthshire magnificent staircase

I would love this property.
It’s in Monmouthshire!
The staircase if absolutely stunning (pic 9) and I think it’s one of the loveliest I’ve seen for a long time. The brochure (second link in the description) has another photo of the beautiful stair well.
Picture 11 is of the kitchen, which looks absolutely lovely. The library is beautiful and reinforces the desire for a library room of my own! Picture 13 is such a nice photo – a lovely toom with a fire roaring in an arched fireplace. Amazing lightshade too.
It’s got an extensive range of traditional stone and modern farm buildings and in all about 275.53 acres. Plenty of room for whatever animals you wanted to keep.
The brochure also includes a boundary plan – just what you actually want to know! Just how far does the land stretch.
Absolutely stunning property, really love it.

Can anyone lend me the £4.5M I’d need?

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