Christmas trees

When I was a child, each year the Christmas tree would be bought down from the loft with the box filled with tinsel and decorations. There’d be a ‘Christmas log’ one of us had made in school, which I think was plaster of Paris pored on a bit of a branch and some holly stuck on. It might have had a robin on at some point, but was just a memory from our childhood. There were really lovely very delicate baubels made of glass and some plastic ones. There were some paper ones we’d made too. The lights worked most years after a bit of twisting of bulbs and replacing the one that broke. The tree looked lovely.
One year we had foil wrapped chocolate decorations and hung them on the tree. In the morning they had all gone. Eaten by our dog. Apart from a few right at the top which he’d not been able to get.

That ritual of Christmas, being made from memories, was a wonderful part of Christmas in our house.

You can buy a Christmas tree ready decorated from Amazon or you can buy a plain tree and  as many decorations as you like, but include some family history on your Christmas tree!

But where’s the fun in that? To be fair, Amazon also sell many undecorated trees too.

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