Clothes Spinner

English Electric Gravity Drain Spin Dryer 28009WP 5.2kg

Save money on your laundry drying bills, or keep your house drier. If you hang clothes to dry you know how important it is to give them an extra spin in the washing machine to extract a bit more water. This machine does a much better job.

Take your washing from the washing machine, and put them in this spinner. Close the lid and switch on. Make sure you have a container to collect the water that comes out. Switch on and watch the water spin out. Clothes take much less drying time.

Environmental Gold Star from me!
Ideal for those damp days over winter when you can’t hang clothes out on the line and need to hang them in the house. This will keep your house drier!


  •  5.2kg Capacity. Dimensions Height 62cm, Width 35cm, Depth 42cm
  • This Electric spin dryer brings efficiency, safety and economy to your washing. They are easy to move and small enough to operate in a restricted space. The 28009WP spin dryer remove excess moisture from your washing load in a speedy and efficient manner, leaving it with less residual water.
  • Easy lockable Lid with full safety interlock and safety break on the drum before when you unlock the drum lid .
  • 1 Years Manufacturers Parts and Labour Guarantee supplied on the 28009WP giving you peace of mind.
  • Includes drainage bowl that fits perfectly under the water spout which is easily stored away when not in use inside the machine.
  • Stabilising rubber suction feet
  • 2 Metre(200cm) UK power cable.
  • only 30 watts energy per cycle – This is the crucial bit. Uses a tiny amount of energy to extract tons of water from your washing before you either hang it up to dry or tumble dry it. You will be amazed how much water this machine can extract from your washing.


Where to hang your clothes? Why not try a Minky?


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