Reasons to use EasyStorage

There are many reasons why you might need storage in your life! One of the main ones is when you’re moving house – declutter your house to get it ready for selling, but keep all your stuff boxed up and safely out of the way until you move into your new house.

Why does decluttering help? Removing your personal stuff, books, sports gear, childrens toys, allows your house to be more attractive to people viewing. It’ll show them there’s room for their stuff.

If your hobby fills the spare room, then emptying the spare room of your equipment and putting it in storage allows that room to be seen as a bedroom.

View your house with strangers eyes, and it might feelĀ  a bit full. So empty some stuff out and make it feel larger and roomier. People want to buy spacious roomy houses so that they feel they’re getting more space. Clearing clutter gives the illusion of there being more space so it’s a really useful thing to do before you get the estate agent to come and take photos.

There’s loads of other reasons to use storage for a short time too. If you’re decorating a room then sometimes it’s easier to have it empty. Very few of us have a big enough house to move furniture around to leave one room empty, so renting storage is a really sensible thing to do. It’ll enable you to do DIY jobs such as underfloor insulation too – very important in these days of rising fuel prices. Lots of jobs are just a million times easier when you have an empty room.



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